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Child Development - Enroll your child at one of our Centers, Family Child Care homes or Home-Based programs.

Family Services - Find high-quality, affordable child care and resources for families and care givers.

Provider Services - Join our network of family child care providers to start or expand a family child care business.  


See how Wu Yee engages the community and celebrates its 40th Anniversary, at Come Together in the Bayview

Learn how Wu Yee honors its Family Child Care providers at the 2017 Provider Appreciation Breakfast.

Read about Brian Liu's journey from Wu Yee to Lowell High School, class of 2017, in our latest blog post, Wu Yee Alum Reflects After 15 years.  

Watch the children at Wu Yee Children's Services, Generations child development center, sing The More We Play Together.

Our Children, Rising

Debuting at Come Together in the Bayview, this interactive art installation features audio of Wu Yee’s founders, a slideshow of Wu Yee's early days, notes of how Wu Yee has impacted San Francisco’s children and families, and a call to San Francisco’s politicians and leaders to consider Wu Yee’s impact in their policy decisions.

Upcoming Events

Speaker Luncheon -
Income Disparities in San Francisco: Closing the Gap

October 26, 2017 - Join us for an illuminating discussion on how to meet the needs of children in San Francisco and an improved future for all. Featuring Bertram Lubin, MD and Assemblymember David Chiu, moderated by Anda Kuo, MD

January 20, 2018 - Save the date Donor Appreciation Reception and Piano Concert at the Green Room, SF War Memorial Performing Arts Center.