Provider Services

Wu Yee helped 23 individuals start their child care businesses and assisted five individuals grow their business from small to large licenses. As a direct result, over 145 child care slots with more flexible care hours were created throughout San Francisco and FCC providers received 1800 hours of training.

Food Program

The Child Care Food Program provided reimbursements to child care providers to help them provide nutritious meals and snacks. 124 child care providers were able to afford high quality and nutritious food, benefiting 1456 children, through this program.


The Joy Lok Family Resource Center provided nearly 200 workshops, playgroups, support groups, serving 156 parents/caregivers and 72 children.

Wu Yee’s Resource and Referral program supported 1,316 families with 1,612 children looking for child care, provided 4480 child care referrals to families.

The Child Care Subsidies program provides child care payment assistance for eligible families, who must meet income guidelines and be working, attending school, or engaged in vocational training. 506 parents were able to continue their jobs to make a living for their family. 164 parents were able to attend training to meet their career goals and 85 parents successfully found employment when they finished their school or vocational training. 


Our Child Development Program served over 600 children at Wu Yee’s twelve centers throughout San Francisco, in Family Child Care (FCC) homes, home based program options, and at the Epiphany Center, a partner agency.