Support Mothers, Fathers and Caregivers!

photo by Taylor Reyes

photo by Taylor Reyes

During this month of May, as Wu Yee and many families celebrated Mother’s Day, we honor what it takes as a community to raise empowered children. Along with strong mothers, all significant caregivers play an important role in the first critical years of a child’s life. Firm in our commitment, we work to create opportunities for children to be healthy, for families to thrive and for communities to be strong. Every day we work with mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, and a wide range of caregivers, supporting them as they navigate unexpected challenges.  Mothers like Mary:

“I am Mary, a single mother to three beautiful children. Two of my children attend the Wu Yee Potrero Hill Child Development Center. When I lost my job, I reached out to the kind teachers and people at Wu Yee. They quickly gave me phone numbers of people and places to contact. Since I knew my children were being well taken care of at Wu Yee, I was able to focus on finding a job.  Wu Yee was there for me again when my landlord raised my rent by 50%. They helped me apply for a low-income housing lottery, which I won. My children and I are eternally grateful to this program, and especially to the staff and teachers. I hope this center continues to support the families that need help like I did. They encouraged me to move forward.”

Helping mothers like Mary is not possible without the generous support from people like you. To continue to help more mothers and caregivers in the community, we invite you to make a donation in honor or memory of someone who has made you the wonderful person you are today. Your contribution will help us support those who are struggling to make a better life for themselves and their families, directly helping children have a bright future where they will thrive.
While you may know us for our early childhood education centers, Wu Yee also provides programs and services to meet the needs of each family’s unique situation. Your donation will directly fund home-based programs, child care resource and referral programs, child care subsidies, public benefit assistance and training for child care providers. We value the support of donors like you who will allow us to continue to grow and improve on all these programs, providing high-quality services to families with the highest needs throughout San Francisco.
San Francisco is made up of many families like Mary’s who are doing everything they can to ensure their children have a bright future. Wu Yee serves families that are reflective of the diverse population of our great city. The needs of these families are unique and we work hard to remain nimble and adaptable to their needs. Every day this community of children, parents and caregivers access one of our centers to learn, grow and thrive together. Your investment is now more important than ever, as many traditional funding sources have reduced or eliminated the support required to deliver the comprehensive quality services needed to support caregivers like Mary.
Please help our children become the future leaders of tomorrow by making a gift today! 

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