Happy Father's Day!

It was wonderful to see so many families outside enjoying a beautiful Father’s Day together. What a splendid day in San Francisco!

This month, we honor fathers who make their children their number one priority. Fathers like LJ who spoke to us about his experience as a father with young children:

Was being a father what you expected?

LJ: I didn’t know anything so I started asking the moms. I chose to be very involved with my children from the start because familial relationships are important. No matter how much money one has, it cannot be bought. And being parents, it’s a partnership.

What advice would you give to new fathers?

LJ: It really depends on the person. Familial relationships are important. Becoming a dad means you have a responsibility. I put myself as second, family as number one. Being a father comes with more responsibilities besides earning money. It is also important to bond and build a relationship with your kids. It can be tiring but worth it to see them happy and smile.

Thank you, LJ, for being such a wonderful role model for your son! Firm in our commitment, Wu Yee Children’s Services works to create opportunities for children to be healthy, for families to thrive and for communities to be strong. Every day we work with parents as they navigate challenges and access Wu Yee programs to conquer some of those challenges.   

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With your help, Wu Yee can continue to grow and provide support for more San Francisco’s families like LJ’s.