Welcome to Wu Yee Children's Services

Families with children joining a Wu Yee Child Development program or transitioning to a new classroom at Wu Yee Children's Services attended orientations at three different locations in San Francisco this week.  Jenny Yu, Regional Manager, said, "We planned six family orientations in three different neighborhoods to ensure more families can attend". Additionally, Chinese and Spanish speaking translators were available to support the families. 

Parents and families were briefed on the services Wu Yee Children's Services offers families, children, and pregnant mothers, and received the tri-lingual 2017-2018 Family Handbook. In addition to Head Start and Early Head Start programs, Wu Yee Children's Services offers Home Based services for pregnant mothers, parent support groups and workshops, a lending library and playroom, and family playgroups at the Joy Lok Family Resource Center.  

Associate Program Director, Kimberly Jones, spoke of Wu Yee's belief in creating a warm, safe and stable environment for all children, families, volunteers, guests and staff.  She emphasized providing strategies for addressing the needs of all children, including dual language learners and those who have special needs. Jones spoke of Wu Yee's mission: creating opportunities for children to be healthy, for families to thrive and for communities to be strong.  An Early Head Start parent echoed the sentiment of Wu Yee's mission, stating that Wu Yee cares not only about the child, but also supporting healthy families.  He said, "San Francisco is really expensive, both parents need to be working.  Wu Yee offers a great opportunity for parents to return to work."