Good Luck, Hannah Wu!

Hannah Wu has been a longtime fixture at Wu Yee Children's Services. She started at Little Sprouts as an infant, then moved to Lok Yuen and Generations preschools; all within San Francisco's Chinatown. Hannah has spent more than four years with Wu Yee!

"I feel very comfortable and safe with Wu Yee," said Helen Wu, Hannah's mother.  "I have lots of support from the teachers and managers," she said.  

In the fall, Hannah will transition out of Wu Yee's child development centers and into Kindergarten.  Helen said she is looking forward to new challenges and new friends at Hannah's new school.  "I am proud of her learning and development," Helen said.

Hannah's teacher at Little Sprouts, Doreen Zhao, saw a lot of growth in Hannah's personality and social development.  She said Hannah was shy and crying when she first started at Little Sprouts, but after she developed trust, her personality opened up and she began to build relationships with other children.  During her time at Little Sprouts and continuing on to preschool, Hannah loved singing songs, listening to stories and drawing.  

From all of us at Wu Yee Children's Services, we are so proud of you, Hannah!  We look forward to your bright future.