2018: Still Fighting for Our Civil Rights


Dear Wu Yee Community,
On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we are reminded that our civil rights did not come without sacrifice from individuals who dedicated their lives to improve the lives of others - who rejected the status quo and dared to dream of equality for everyone. We must remain relentless in our pursuit of justice for all, particularly for each of our children who deserve a safe, healthy, and happy start. We stand in solidarity with all hard-working parents, early educators, and social workers and recognize their important work in raising our next generation of leaders. If we are serious about addressing the growing rates of disparity that we see around us, then we must start with our kids. Every day we think about how we can honor our founders and continue the legacy that they entrusted to us, to raise up the most vulnerable children and families and strengthen our entire community.

Today, we are reminded that we were founded as the Association for Children's Rights and Services, and we continue that legacy as Wu Yee, "Protectors of Children".

Thank you to our founders, Catherine Ko, Ruth Yee, Miranda Li, Yan Wong, Siu Yip Wong, Alice Lau, Stella Chan, Karen Chin, and Sai Ling Chan Sew and countless others for paving the way for our children.

See what some of our founders, parents, and community members have to say about Wu Yee on our outgoing digital installation,  Our Children, Rising Project. Then, share your story with us by using the hashtag #OurChildrenRising, on social media.


Monica Walters
Chief Executive Officer