Celebrating Wu Yee's Founders and Welcoming New Friends

Supervisor Norman Yee with founders Alice Lau (left) Catherine Ko (right), and Wu Yee CEO Monica Walters

Supervisor Norman Yee with founders Alice Lau (left) Catherine Ko (right), and Wu Yee CEO Monica Walters

On March 7, 2018, Wu Yee welcomed back founders and greeted new friends with an open house and reception celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Dog.  Held at Little Sprouts Chinatown Infant Center, Monica Walters, CEO, welcomed guests to the Little Sprouts Chinatown Infant Center and recognized the extraordinary women who brought the importance of early care and education to light for underserved families.  Two founders, Alice Lau and Catherine Ko, spoke of the early days of Wu Yee.  They recognized Wu Yee’s importance and necessity since it was more than just child care, it also provided resources for the parents.  Resources that are still needed today.

Guests toured the newly opened Nature Room and classrooms at Little Sprouts Chinatown Infant Center. Jenny Yu, Regional Manager, and Eric Chen, ERSEA manager, explained the significance of nature in children's social, emotional and physical development.  Jenny emphasized that many children who attend Little Sprouts don't have access to safe play facilities and studies have shown that children who play in spaces that incorporate natural elements like logs, trees, and flowers tend to be more active. Children also access their imaginations more and play more cooperatively and collaboratively.  The natural environment can also help calm children who have been exposed to trauma.

Monica introduced San Francisco Supervisor (District 7) and former Wu Yee Executive Director, Norman Yee.  He spoke of Wu Yee’s early years and the need for affordable child care in San Francisco. When educators are better compensated, they are better equipped to continue working in this field and support their own families.  This results in higher retention rates of high-quality, experienced educators serving our children in the classroom.

Current and former board members and guests perused photobooks of Wu Yee children, staff, and events, identifying themselves and reminiscing.  

Wu Yee celebrates the work of its founders, current and former board members, and welcomes new friends and supporters in the New Year of the Dog.