Tile Painting Party

As a perk for contributing to Wu Yee's Indiegogo campaign, Bring Nature to Wu Yee's Infant Toddler Playscapes, former Board member, Lilly Minkove, chose a tile painting party.  The Minkove family and friends stamped tiles with vegetable scraps dipped in colorful underglazes creating interesting and lively shapes.  The children had a great time getting creative and a bit messy, and their parents enjoyed seeing their children's unique creations.  

The tiles will be installed at one of Wu Yee's five playgrounds that benefitted from the campaign.  Five playgrounds have been updated with new, naturally-inspired elements that bring children closer to nature.  Studies have shown that children who play in spaces that incorporate natural elements like logs, trees, and flowers tend to be more active than those who play on traditional playgrounds with metal and brightly colored equipment. They also access their imaginations more and play more cooperatively and collaboratively.  

Thank you so much for your board service and generosity, Lilly.  You will be missed. Good luck to you and your family.  

Stay tuned for updates and photos of the tiles installed at a Wu Yee playground!