Make a gift to SF's kids and families


Dear Wu Yee Community, 

     On June 3, Wu Yee Children’s Services celebrated International Children’s Day with a festival at the Bayview Opera House by that brought over 600 children and families from diverse backgrounds together to enjoy an idyllic afternoon in the sunshine. Children took the lead in playing, learning and exploring in a safe and nurturing environment. Activities included interactive music, arts and crafts stations, a pop-up-playground where children direct building structures using materials like cardboard boxes and tape, a bicycle-powered smoothie station, and nutritious meals served by local food trucks.


     At Wu Yee, we recognize that each individual is unique, yet there is a common thread that binds us together, a commitment to create better opportunities for San Francisco’s children and families. Wu Yee Children’s Services takes a stand to create an inclusive community where all children and families can feel safe, nurtured and supported. Our goal is for every child to have the stability they need to achieve their greatest potential and be a light for their families and communities.

     Please join us in taking a stand and creating an inclusive community for all. Contribute to Wu Yee and become part of creating better opportunities for San Francisco’s children and families. Make a gift today so that we can begin a new fiscal year on July 1st with strength and renewal, and with a solid foundation to move forward toward our shared mission of healthy children, thriving families and strong communities.

Warm regards,




Monica Walters, CEO