Chinatown Improvement Projects

In order to make San Francisco's Chinatown a safer place for thousands of residents and visitors, the San Francisco Department of Public Works has implemented projects focused on advancing safety and vitality, while maintaining Chinatown's distinct historic character. 

Two Chinatown improvement projects celebrated their culmination today, with Lion Dance performances by Lion Dance Me and speeches by city officials: Broadway Chinatown Streetscape Improvement Project, and Chinatown Alleyway Renovation Program - Spofford Street.  

According to the project's website, 

"The Streetscape improvement project provides a safer and more pleasant walking experience, with new paving, streetlights, street trees, and street furnishings inspired by the unique history of the neighborhood. The work converts the current arterial to two lanes of traffic in each direction. Bulb-outs, raised crosswalks, and special intersection treatment will improve pedestrian visibility. New street trees, bike sharrows, seating, and new streetlights enhance the public realm design."

"Spofford Street is receiving a major upgrade through a partnership between Public Works and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Spofford received stormwater-collecting planters, new pedestrian street lighting, bench seating, raised crosswalks on Clay and Washington streets and ADA-compliant concrete pavers. The project is funded through the voter-backed 2011 Road Repaving & Street Safety Bond."

Wu Yee's Chinatown Infant Center - Little Sprouts and many of its administative offices are on the same block as the majority of improvements on Broadway Street, and Wu Yee's Lok Yuen Child Development Center has an entrance on Spofford Street, so the improvements are most welcomed by Wu Yee's staff and families.

Coverage of the events will be shown tonight at KTSV 26 at 7:00 and 10:00 pm.