MLK: Empowering our Communities

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Dear Wu Yee Community,
Every child deserves a healthy start, a loving family and a supportive community. These values of freedom, equality, and love are paralleled by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement. This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we are reminded of the marches and political unrest that led to laws and policy changes in favor of civil rights and a more equitable America for minorities and people of color. Dr. King didn’t let adversity and sacrifice get in the way of his dream that helped improve the quality of life for countless people. His message and determination paved the way for waves of the women’s, disability, and immigrants’ rights movements, among many others. Due to the gains achieved by Dr. King and the civil rights movement, oppressed people continued organizing and leading civil actions for equality in the workplace, education, and society. This public dissent and cascade of support allowed many people to pursue their self-sufficiency and equality to become better people, educators, and parents.
One of Wu Yee Children’s Services’ founders, Miranda Li, emphasized our beginnings: "Wu Yee started off very much as a childcare center and also as an advocacy group, for women and children's rights." Today, Ms. Li’s sentiment is echoed in Wu Yee’s continued advocacy for immigrants, working families, early childhood educators, and children’s rights.
Today, we recognize and build upon the valuable and significant work of raising the next generation of leaders and advocates the founders of Wu Yee started. We ask ourselves, how are we furthering Dr. King’s message of inclusivity, equality, and freedom in our daily work?  We can address the growing rate of disparity and inequality by teaching our kids and families Dr. King’s message of perseverance and peaceful resistance. Through this, we raise up San Francisco’s most vulnerable children and families and empower our entire community.
Thank you to our founders, Catherine Ko, Ruth Yee, Miranda Li, Yan Wong, Siu Yip Wong, Alice Lau, Stella Chan, Karen Chin, and Sai-Ling Chan-Sew and countless others for paving the way for our children.
Also, thank you for joining us in the effort to elevate the status of all the dedicated women, caregivers and teachers in our society contributing to the quality early education and development of our precious children. We invite you to stand with us as we seek social and economic justice to achieve our mutual vision for a world of healthy children, strong families, and thriving communities.
I'm ready for the change that we can bring when early care and education is regarded as integral to the fabric of our society. Are you?  


Monica Walters
Chief Executive Officer

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