The Underfunded ECE System in California

The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment’s report, “Breaking the silence on early child care and education costs: A values-based budget for children, parents, and teachers in California,” produced in collaboration with the Economic Policy Institute finds what we know all too well: “California’s child early care and education (ECE) system is underfunded, and California policymakers have not been willing to acknowledge the true cost of creating a comprehensive ECE system. Proposals for ECE reform have focused primarily on improving access and affordability for families but have ignored the elephant in the room: Early care and education is substantially “funded” through low teacher pay and inadequate supports for ECE teachers. In addition to being a serious injustice, lack of adequate financial and professional supports for ECE teachers compromises the consistency and quality of care children receive.”

Read the report and listen to KQED Forum’s discussion on the state of early care in California for both educators and parents.