Connecting with Wu Yee Colleagues

Wu Yee Children’s Services staff gathered at San Francisco State’s Cesar Chavez Student Center last week for our annual all-staff retreat. With 250 employees spread across the city at 12 centers and 3 offices, it was a welcomed opportunity to connect with colleagues and learn about the great work of other departments, programs, and staff all working to achieve the agency’s mission.

CEO Monica Walters talked about the direction of the agency, highlighted the accomplishments of all departments, and recognized staff at five, ten, fifteen, and twenty+ year milestones. This year, the five year group was especially large due to the addition of six new centers in 2014, with many staff coming on board from the Head Start transition agency, Community Development Institute Head Start. 

Congratulations to our staff at the following milestone years of employment! 

Five years: Melissa Canada, Ruth Cativo-Figueroa, Marlene Cativo-Sosa, Venus Biying Chen, Emily Cheung, Claudia Contreras, Linh Dang, Donna Dizon, Shelley L. Ehret, Veronica Figueroa, Patricia Hamilton, Angela Hodgson, Nikki Ying Mei Huang, Joshua Jagerman, Kimberly A. Jones, Ann Kwai Fong Lee, Ruby Wai Chu Lee, Shelly Ting Ting Lei, Teresa Leung, BingYing Li, Jessica WM Li, Kathy Qiong Li, Marie XueYu Li, Nicole Jin Liu Li, Xue Yan Li, Yingshan Li, Xi Hua  Liao, Karen Liao Yu, Xiao Xia Lin, Yan Fei Lin, Yan Fen Liu, Ivy Qunzhu Mai, Saw MarLar, Carolina Molina, Rosa Montano, Velma Moore, Jimmy Ngo, Gloria C. Redenius, Annette Tapia, Ravelle Taylor, Huong Thai, Yan Tran, Crystal Hue Vuong, Hannah Wu, Sue Baoxian Xu, Lena Yu, YuYing Zhao, ShunYi Zheng

Ten years: Cheryl L. Horney, Kelly ShuZhen Ruan, Joyce Yee T. Young

Fifteen years: Lauren Chan, Lisa Min S. Lim

Twenty years plus: Karen Yan Lok Ho, Angel Lai Ching Kwok, Amy Mu Yan Li, Cindy Xiao Hong Li, Linda Lim, David C. Lo, Sara Jung Yee Ng, Louise P. Yan

This year we had a special recognition: Lok Yuen's center manager, Linda Lim, is retiring after 24 years at Wu Yee. She has nurtured a full generation of children grow up, and we are grateful for her decades of service supporting children and families, and mentoring staff. Thank you for your dedication, Linda, we hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement! We are having a retirement party for Linda in early August, so if you have any photos or memories you would like to share, please send to

We are currently looking for educators and staff to join Wu Yee’s team! To see the current list of open positions in our Child Development, Provider Services, Family Services, or Administrative teams, please visit