Happy Human Day! 人日快乐!

We hope your year of the Rooster is off to an auspicious start. According to ancient Chinese mythology, each of the first 6 days of the new year represent the creation of a different animal. On the 7th day, called renri (人日) or “human day”, humans were created. Traditionally, it is a day to gather and celebrate friends, family, and community. This year on renri, February 3, we would like to honor our humans, all those who fought for human rights before us and for each and every person’s right to dignity and justice. 

The Lunar New Year is a time to give money in red envelopes, lai see, to children, sending good wishes and luck. 

Renri celebrates the "birthday" of all humans, and we invite you to celebrate with us by making a lai see gift to wish our children and families joy and prosperity at www.wuyee.org/donate.

恭喜發財,新春大吉!祝大家雞年行大運!據中國傳說,在新年首六日,每天代表了不同動物的生日,而第七日即人日是代表人的生日。根據傳統習俗,所有社區親朋戚友會聚首一起慶祝這天。今年人日是二月三日, 我們想要表彰我們人類,所有那些為人權, 個人尊嚴和正義奮鬥的人。


人日是祝賀眾人的生日,我們邀請大家和我們一起慶祝!可從以下網站 www.wuyee.org/donate 為我們的家庭及孩子們派利是,祝賀他們身心健康,前程似錦。