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Did you know that Wu Yee is the largest single provider of Early Head Start infant care and preschool services in all of San Francisco? Did you know that 600 children in San Francisco are served directly through Wu Yee’s Child Development Programs? Did you know that "wu yee" means "protector of children?"

Learn more about Wu Yee's programs and commitment to healthy children, thriving families and strong communities in this video produced by BAYCAT.


Why R&Rs matter

Wu Yee's R&R program can  personally assist you in your search for child care and help educate you about your options and your rights as a parent or guardian.

Wu Yee's R&R program can personally assist you in your search for child care and help educate you about your options and your rights as a parent or guardian.

Choosing the right child care options for your family can be a stressful process, especially when there are so many things to consider: environment, curriculum, philosophy and of course — safety. And while there are certainly benefits in using online child care searches, there can be major issues if the process is too impersonal or if the information provided to parents is inadequate.

When it comes to your child care search, consider working with a child care Resource and Referral (R&R) who can personally assist you in your search and educate you about your options and your rights.

Wu Yee’s Child Care Resource and Referral program, funded by the Department of Education, is a program designed to educate parents and guardians about the process of selecting child care providers that are a good match for their needs, and empower families with information regarding background checks, quality monitoring and licensing standards.

 Working with Wu Yee’s R&R, you can:

Did you know?

In addition to interviewing and checking references, parents and guardians can also use TrustLine to obtain background information on child care providers. Trustline is a statewide registry of individuals providing care for children (including license-exempt caregivers) who have already passed a background check. You can contact Trustline to see if a child care provider has already passed a background check, or you may request that a child care provider undergo a background check with fees starting at $135.

All child care providers listed TrustLine registry have submitted their fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and have no disqualifying criminal conviction in California. Some, but not all, TrustLine listed providers have also had FBI criminal record clearance. Learn more at                                      

Start your child care search with Wu Yee’s online R&R portal or call 415.391.4956.

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“I love Wu Yee. I’m so grateful. I don’t know what I would do without it.”

A single mother of three, Tala has two children at one of Wu Yee’s child development centers in Bayview/Hunters Point, and another child in elementary school.

Every morning is a timecrunch for Tala, who first drops off her son and daughter at Wu Yee and then heads over to her oldest daughter’s school, all so she can get to her job as a medical receptionist by 8:30. 

Before hearing about Wu Yee’s Head Start program from a coworker, Tala struggled to find enough hours of care for her children during the day. Sometimes her mother could watch them, sometimes she’d have to take them into work with her. The Head Start programs she did qualify for only allowed her children to have care for five hours each day. Because of these restraints, Tala could only work limited hours and had difficulty making ends meet. Now enrolled at Wu Yee, Tala’s children receive extended hours of care, and she can work full-time. 

“I’m very appreciative of everything,” she said. “Being the sole provider is so difficult. But I do appreciate the help I get. I love the staff here. I’m pretty comfortable with them. They talk to me, they greet me, see if I’m okay, because they know my situation. I don’t know what I’d do without this program.”

Without access to child care assistance, a single parent like Tala, working full-time at California’s minimum wage would spend nearly half of her income on full-time, center-based care for just one preschool-aged child. Child care assistance allows parents like Tala to succeed on the job by reducing the chances that she’ll have to miss work or cut back on her hours. 

Each family’s situation is unique, and we want to continue to provide the care and services that fit their needs. Demand for subsidized child care far exceeds supply – in San Francisco, there are over 2,000 infants and toddlers on waiting lists for care. We want to continue to provide high-quality early child care, building a foundation for children’s success and helping lower-income parents find and keep jobs. But our funding only goes so far.

Your donation will go directly toward funding Wu Yee’s programs, which directly impact the lives of San Francisco’s children and families through center-based child care, family child care homes, home-based programs, child care subsidies, child care resource and referrals, the Joy Lok Family resource center, public benefits assistance, and training and support for child care providers.

With your help, we can write more success stories for San Francisco’s families. 

2015 Walk Around the Block for early education

On Friday, April 17, Wu Yee staff and students went for a “Walk Around the Block” in various neighborhoods and at San Francisco’s City Hall to help bring awareness to the importance of early childhood education. This year’s focus was on supporting higher wages for early educators.

Walk Around the Block has become an annual event where teachers, directors, child care providers, parents, and advocates join together in a citywide advocacy campaign to bring awareness about early childhood education and to urge our local legislators to continue to invest in and support San Francisco’s

This year was the 5th annual Walk Around the Block, and its main focus was ensuring that early education teachers get paid what they deserve – not just the minimum wage, but a living wage. The average early educator in San Francisco has a degree, yet only earns around $32,000 per year – this is less than half of what a public school teacher in San Francisco makes ($78,000) and significantly lower than the city’s average self-sufficiency wage ($57,658).

Right now, San Francisco’s early educators and supporters are asking for signatures on a petition to ensure that the $1.5 million needed to implement the minimum wage increase for all ECE programs in San Francisco is fully funded.  

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Wu Yee is rapidly expanding to meet the demands for child care, family services and child care provider support in San Francisco, and we're looking to fill a variety of critical roles throughout our organization. As a member of our highly-diverse team, you'll get the opportunity to foster the future success of our city's children and families.


Wu Yee delivers a comprehensive range of Child Development, Family, and Provider Services — including Early Head Start, Head Start, and State Preschool programs, the Joy Lok Family Resource Center, Single Stop benefits assistance, child care Resource and Referrals, child care subsidies, child care provider training, a food program for child care providers, and the Family Child Care Quality Network (FCCQN). For more information, visit our About page. 



If you or someone you know are interested in joining our dynamic team, please visit our Careers Page or contact Wu Yee's Recruiting Specialist, Stephanie Guinasso, at

Major expansion makes Preschool available to more San Francisco families


“An investment in Universal Pre-K is an investment in San Francisco families and an investment in a more affordable San Francisco,” said San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee, in a statement released today. Mayor Lee announced a major expansion in the San Francisco Preschool for All (PFA) program for all four-year-olds in the city.

Not only will this expansion enhance early education options for San Francisco’s children and increase Kindergarten readiness, but it will also help meet the needs of more working families.

Wu Yee is excited to join Children’s Council in helping San Francisco families find the Preschool For All program that’s right for them.

For more information, please visit the San Francisco Office of the Mayor.