Enroll in a Child Care Program

Wu Yee's subsidized child care programs are funded by federal and state contracts. These contracts define the rules for who is eligible for child care. Eligible families are selected for enrollment based on a standard set of criteria. Families currently enrolled will receive priority for continued enrollment the next program year.

Wu Yee's Child Development program enrolls income-eligible families in our subsidized child care programs based on federal, state, county, and city priorities.  Some of those priorities include but are not limited to: children's age, children who are recipients of Child Protective Services (CPS), children who are homeless, current enrollment in the program and/or children who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

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To apply, please submit an inquiry and someone from our enrollment team will contact you to schedule an appointment. 

Program enrollment requirements

1. Proof of family income (a copy of one of the following for all working adults in the family):

  • Pay stubs to reflect the past 12 months or calendar year (One must be complete month dated within the past 30 days of employment from signature of this application)

  • Your most recent award letter for TANF/CalWorks/SSI/Unemployment Insurance

  • Signed letter from your employer with contact information, your pay and your work schedule

  • Signed letter declaring parent is unemployed (claim letter or payment stubs) and looking for work

  • Tax-Returns or W-2 forms for the most recent year

2. Proof of residence (a copy of one of the following):

  • Utility (electric, gas, water) bill, dated within ninety (90) days

  • Current rental agreement or lease (Signed letter from landlord verifying your living address)

3. Proof of number of children (a copy of one of the following for each child in the family):

  • Birth certificate

  • Certificate of live birth

  • Custody documents

4. Proof of adult in school/training schedule for any adult in the family attending school (a copy of one of the following):

  • Official registration information from school/training agency including class hours

  • Computer printout of class schedule from school’s official website

5. Proof of diagnosed disability, if applicable (a copy of one of the following):

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

6. Proof of suspected disability, if applicable

  • Official letter from child's family doctor

Please note: During the time of enrollment when you are informed by ERSEA to schedule for an in-take appointment, you will further need to provide the proof of the following:

7. Proof of child’s immunization (a copy of one of the following):

  • Yellow immunization card or CA Blue Card (must be up to date on all vaccines)

  • Print out from your medical provider with dates all vaccines were administered

8. Proof of Tuberculosis immunization within the last 12 months (a copy of one of the following):

  • A negative TB test result (for the child, this is sometimes found on the yellow immunization card).

  • A written physician’s clearance stating that: A TB test is not necessary for the child due to a non-risk factor, or the child has previously tested positive for TB and has undergone an x-ray, treatment or symptom review and does not currently have TB

9. Proof of parent’s single status, if applicable

  • Record of divorce

  • Child support document or court-ordered child custody arrangements

  • Absent parent’s proof of residency

Services for Early Head Start (EHS), Head Start (HS), and state subsidized child care are funded by federal and state contracts. These contracts define the rules for who is eligible for child care. Eligible families are selected for enrollment based on a standard, pre-approved set of criteria. A minimum of 10% of the openings in our program are made available to children with disabilities.