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© Taylor Rayes

Family Child Care Quality Network (FCCQN)

Through the Family Child Care Quality Network (FCCQN) we create opportunities for child care providers to increase the quality of family child care homes and continue their professional development.

Wu Yee works in conjunction with San Francisco Children’s Council to manage the Family Child Care Quality Network. The FCCQN creates opportunities for family child care providers to work directly with Quality Consultants and engage with other providers, giving them greater access to program information, resources, and support.

Case management and assistance 

Child care providers in the network receive a minimum of four home site visits per year, plus on-going one-on-one technical assistance. We also link providers with up-to-date industry information, and help establish on-going plans to improve service quality and delivery.

Program access and resources

Members of the FCCQN are eligible for enrollment in Wu Yee's Food Program, Child Care Subsidies Program and Child Care Resource and Referral Program. Members can also get access to support services such as toy and book lending libraries and resources for children with special needs.

Professional development

Participating providers can attend workshops, take business training courses, and receive pre-licensing support and preparation for a number of assessments and ratings, including FCCERS-R and DRDP.

Networking opportunities

Events encourage peer support and offer ways for providers to learn new strategies and techniques for caring for the children and for themselves. Networking opportunities are a great way to connect with other providers.


How can the FCCQN help your home-based child care business?

Our FCCQN consultants have highly specialized training and can help you:

  • Increase your understanding of children’s interests and development.

  • Develop variety of learning approaches and curriculum for preschool children, infants, and toddlers in mixed-age group settings.

  • Emphasize and model proper nutrition.

  • Prepare for both environmental and interaction based assessments, including FCCERS, DRDP, ASQ and CLASS.

  • Create interest areas, materials, and activities that are engaging, age-appropriate and reflect diverse cultural groups.

  • Foster a sense of collaboration between you and each child’s family.

  • Identify signs of developmental problems in children, and know where and how to refer families to evaluations, when appropriate.

  • Help you learn more about child development through personal consultations and resources for conferences, taking courses, and other training opportunities.

FCCQN eligibility

For providers to participate in the San Francisco FCCQN, a minimum of 25% of children enrolled in their care must be from low to moderate-income families. The selection process includes licensing verification, Megan’s Law review, a site visit and interview.

The FCCQN currently has a limited number of provider spaces available in the following ZIP codes: 94102, 94103, 94108, 94109, 94110, 94112, 94115, 94117, 94118, 94122, 94124, 94132, 94133, and 94134.

Providers who meet the following criteria will have priority during the selection process:

  • Continuously serving voucher families over the last 12 months

  • Currently serving infants and toddlers

  • Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS-R) assessment within the last 5 years

  • Currently have one or more paid employees

Join the FCCQN

If you're a child care provider in San Francisco, and would like more information on joining the Family Child Care Quality Network, please call (415) 230-7541 or fill out the form below. We offer language support in English, Spanish/Español and Chinese/繁體中文.

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