Parents are the first teachers

The Home Based program helps parents identify their child’s growing skills and learn how they can strengthen them during their everyday routines.

During weekly visits, Home Visitors work with parents and caregivers to help them become their child's primary teacher. This includes connecting families to community resources like dental and health service screening, benefits assistance and mental health referrals.

What does a Home Based visit look like?

Home visits take place on a weekly basis for 90 minutes, and group socializations for families happen twice a month. Home visits may include different activities from week to week, but will always focus on the success of the child and family.


Parents and Home Visitors share the goal of supporting child development. Home Visitors work with families to identify their child's development goals, and they work to create learning experiences together to help meet them.


Everyday moments can be learning moments. Everyday routines provide meaningful opportunities for children to build on their developmental skills. Home Visitors support and empower parents and caregivers to promote curiosity and create learning experiences for their children. 


Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. Parents are best able to support their children's need when their own needs are met — physical and emotional health, social support, education or job skills, financial stability, and safe housing.

Is the Home Based program right for your family?

Home visiting may be ideal for some families, however, it will not be right for every family. Before a family is enrolled in the Home Based program, our enrollment team will meet with them to explore whether their needs and circumstances are a good fit for this program.

Contact Wu Yee's Home Based Program

For more information on Wu Yee's Home Based program, please call 415.230.7500 or email Wu Yee using the form below. We have multi-lingual caseworkers (English, Spanish/Español, Chinese/繁體中文, Tagalog and Burmese) to assist families.

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