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Family child care provider training

Having available and capable Family Child Care (FCC) professionals to care for their children is vitally important for working parents. Wu Yee works to support FCC providers and enable them to operate successful, high-quality child care businesses.

Our FCC Training Program is monitored by the State of California and meets all state guidelines. It includes:

  • A comprehensive program focused on building quality capacity that includes beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of training for new, existing, and experienced providers;
  • Business development from licensing orientation to license expansion.
  • Technical assistance, mentoring and successful business operation information are included at each level.
  • Training provided in both English and Cantonese.
  • Financial support to licensed Family Child Care Providers through scholarship programs including Start-up Cost, CPR and First Aid classes.

Wu Yee conducts pre-licensing inspections for first-time family child care applicants and expansion applicants to help ensure that licensing application requirements are met. We also offer site visits to recommend improvements and/or changes for current licensees.

Individuals interested in beginning a FCC Small Business and providers already operating an FCC home-based business can benefit from our training expertise, mentoring and guidance. We encourage all interested individuals to enroll in the appropriate level of training, based on their experience in the field.


Basic training for providers

For potential family child care providers or newly-licensed providers, our training topics include family child care business start-up, application procedures, business practice, legal issues, health and safety regulations, ages and stages, and other child development topics.


Advanced training for providers

For providers interested in expanding their license or increasing their quality of care, our training topics include parent handbook, Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS), discipline and managing challenging behavior and advanced child development training.


Contact Wu Yee's Provider Support Program

If you would like more information on training and workshops for child care providers, please call 415.230.7537, email providerservices@wuyee.org or fill out the form below.

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