Child care resource and referral services

Wu Yee's Resource and Referral (R&R) Department helps parents and child care providers find (and provide) affordable, quality child care.

We are your first step when it comes to finding child care:

  • We help parents and/or caregivers find the child care that best meets their family’s needs.
  • We maintain a comprehensive database of San Francisco child care providers, including child care centers and licensed family child care (FCC) homes.
  • We help families determine their eligibility for child care payment assistance, scholarships and subsidies.
  • We work with child care providers to improve the quality of their child care through training and other services.
  • We provide child care and health resources for families and offer workshops in a variety of child development and parenting topics like health and safety.

Our program gives referrals and does not make recommendations on any child care programs. After you receive a referral, we encourage you to investigate on your own.

What a typical R&R appointment looks like:

Send us an email, call us or walk in. We'll ask you questions about what you need. Are you looking for child care? What kind of child care fits your child's needs? Do you need assistance paying for child care? Are you interested in classes for parents? Would you like to borrow a toy or book from our lending library?

Wu Yee's R&R has:

  • A complete list of different child care options throughout the city of San Francisco.
  • Help for parents looking for child care payment assistance or subsidized care, including CalWORKs, California State Preschools, San Francisco Preschool for All (PFA), Head Start, APPs and SF3c.
  • Weekly Early Childhood Education (ECE) classes for families at locations around San Francisco.
  • Information on community programs, fairs and events 
  • A toy and book lending library

Assistance paying for child care

Wu Yee can help families determine their eligibility for child care payment assistance and child care subsidies. Eligibility factors include family income, size and need, as well as the different types of care and programs.

Child care provider options


Head Start/Early Head Start

Head Start and Early Head Start are federally funded programs that provide a variety of services including education, health and development screenings, nutrition, social services and support for children with disabilities. The programs support the mental, social and emotional development from birth to age 5, that are sensitive to each child's ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage.


California State Preschool

The California State Preschool Program is the largest state-funded preschool program in the nation. The program consolidates funding for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Family Literacy and General Child Care center-based programs for eligible 3- and 4-year-old children in order to provide more families with funding for part-day and full-day care services.


Preschool for All (PFA)

Preschool For All (PFA) is San Francisco’s universal preschool program. PFA is offered at a reduced cost or free for children who are 4-years-old who live in San Francisco County, regardless of family income. The program supports all families, including those may not be eligible under other subsidized programs.



The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids program (CalWORKs) provides an array of welfare-to-work services for families. Recipients of the grant program are required to engage in work or work preparation activities, such as education or job training. The purpose of the program is to help families transition to finding the long-term child care.


Alternative Payment Program (APP) 

Alternative payment programs (APPs) are state and federal programs that provide subsidies for child care in a location of the family’s choice while parents or guardians are working, in training, seeking employment or have other special needs. APPs make payments directly to child care providers.

Private pay child care options

Wu Yee can also help families find private pay care options for their children. Private pay options may be licensed child care centers (daycare), family child care homes, after-school programs and other programs.

Tips for choosing a private pay program:

  • Many large chain or corporate child care programs offer scholarships or sliding scales for families who qualify.
  • Tuition-based programs are typically small private schools, that require yearly or monthly payments.
  • Some tuition-based programs offer subsidies or scholarships. Be sure to ask what each program offers.
  • Many programs operated by religious organizations offer scholarships and sliding-scale options, in addition to subsidized slots.

Not sure if you qualify for child care payment assistance? Have questions on finding child care? We're happy to help.

You can reach our experts in-person, by phone or via email. Specialists are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office is closed on Tuesdays..

Call 415.391.4956 or 844.644.4300, email, fill out the form below, or stop by our office, located in the Joy Lok Family Resource Center at 880 Clay St., Lower Level. 

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